Berserk Japanese Anime Series

Entertainment has no age limitations vision is respected in all shapes and forms and the same goes for anime series. They are quite prominent as they feature some of the most complex and cutting-edge series sequences. Out of these series, there are some which are really masterpieces in terms of storytelling and design. One of them is berserk; back then in 1997 was focused on the life of an orphaned mercenary warrior named Guts, also known Black Swordsman as he helped the Band of the Hawk. This is an extreme anime filled with countless action and some interesting scenes which may not be apt for children.

This anime features a rich and varied cast of characters, with their own shade and nuances of personality traits. Here you’ll get a list of tropes as they relate to the distinct characters. These characters are the ones listed at the end of “other famous characters”. Just like this series, dbs 126 episode of dragon ball will be making news with their soulful characters and the entire theme.

To give you a little perspective on the story, Gattsu was the main lead character. He is a mercenary who is not lost but wandering whose entire world since birth is bloodshed and warfare. He was born from a hanged corpse the mother who adopted and rescued him from dying from the plague when he was only three years old. Gambino is a little cruel to guts in the story as he teaches him the warfare, and later attempting to kill Guts under the influence of rage. I am sure you’re enticed by now with the depth of the characters of this anime likewise with the upcoming dbs 126 episode series.

Later on Griffith, other character encounters Guts to a duel and is conquered nearly directly. Unable to manage the damage, Griffith tries to seduce the King’s daughter Charlotte but ends up in the dungeon for a year. By the time, Guts learns about this and helps the banned leftovers of the Hawks save Griffith, the Hawks’ leader has been extremely harmed and rendered a mute shadow of the real character.


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